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How to Build with SunTerra EnergyBlock

SunTerra EnergyBlocks are a standard 8" x 8" x 16” concrete masonry unit “CMU” with a PVC Extrusion that holds 2 inch or 3 inch rigid insulation board on the exterior or interior surfaces ready to attach your choice of sidings or wall board.

This masonry wall when insulated on the exterior surface produces a natural thermal battery that reacts beneficially to the interior space of the building.

The CMU block walls are constructed as historically done for international and or local building codes. The block must be laid in a running half bond or stack bond only. This aligns the vertical grooves on 8” centers. This allows the PVC extrusion to be installed at 16” or 24” spacing as desired for siding or wallboard to be installed.


The picture gallery below depicts a home that was designed and built as a zero-energy demonstration project.  SunTerra EnergyBlock construction was a valuable contributor to achieve that goal.


Thermal Mass Construction Plan 2160TD Gallery

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