New designs created to maximize passive solar heating and natural cooling with high-mass construction.

SunTerra is providing these plans to promote the value of this superior, energy-efficient building method.

Use these preliminary home designs for your benefit however you see fit. If we can help you to accomplish your goals, contact us.

Services available:

  • Customize these preliminary designs to your specific needs.
  • Draw the final construction documents needed for building your home.
  • Be available for consulting through the building process.
  • Setup a SunTerra EnergyBlock producer in your area.
  • Provide the design/construction manual downloadable here.


Energy Savings Features:

  • Accomplish an airtight house envelope with a variable speed energy ventilation system.
  • Truss design to incorporate raised or energy heels.
  • All rafters are over conditioned space to be engineered I-joist to reduce thermal bridging.
  • Spray foamed I-joist and/or rafters of trusses to create a non-ventilated roof system.
  • High solar heat-gain windows on south wall. Low solar heat-gain windows on other three sides.
  • Consider automatic, interior insulated window shutter or shades with timer on south passive -solar windows. Choose insulated interior shades on all other windows.
  • Consider triple-glazed windows on the north, east, and west sides of house.
  • Airtight, small wood stove with outside combustion air for backup/emergency heat.
  • Optional automatic night air flush system to enhance passive cooling.


Free Preliminary EnergyBlock House Plans to Download

Plan SE 776SL X

Plan SE 956SL X

Plan SE 1216SL X

Plan SE 1264SL X

Plan SE 1350TU X

Plan SE 1360SL X

Plan SE 1500SL X

Plan SE 1576SL X

Plan SE 1634TD_X

Plan SE 1900SL X

Plan SE 2270TD X