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SunTerra EnergyBlock is a new innovative concrete block wall system that has the ability to absorb and release natural heat in a home or building providing for an even and comfortable living and/or working environment with a major reduction in heating and cooling expense.

SunTerra EnergyBlock is an 8" x 8" x 16" concrete masonry unit “CMU" that can be produced at any block manufacturer licensed to sell Sunterra EnergyBlock.

These blocks are assembled by a mason/contractor in the same manner per the same building codes as historically done, with the added benefit, to install insulation and choice of siding to the exterior or interior wall surfaces. This provides the option for choice of insulation and siding to the exterior or insulation and wallboard to the interior, creating a highly energy efficient, durable wall system.

With exterior insulation, the interior decorative wall surface produces a natural thermal battery that reacts beneficially to the living space of the building.  It absorbs heat, stores heat, and gives it back as you need it for warmth in the winter. And, it absorbs unwanted heat when you want to stay cool in the summer.

    1. Financially affordable superior building system.
    2. Highly energy efficient design that reduces or eliminates heating and cooling expense.
    3. Even temperatures throughout the day and night produce a comfortable and healthy living space.
    4. Sustainable materials that will last for generations.
    5. Walls of concrete, steel and rigid foam board provide good sound insulation for a strong and quiet building.
    6. Moisture, mold, rot and pest resistant.
    7. Conventional proven construction methods provide an existing experienced contractor base.
    8. No restriction on exterior siding allows for any building design style.
    9. Variety of decorative finishes and colors for a beautiful building with added interior value.
    10. A very green product that is exceptionally eco-friendly.
    11. Better in every feature over insulated concrete forms (ICF) for less money.
    12. Can be erected with exterior or interior insulated finished surface.
    13. Provides a livable, survival environment without energy need or during a power outage.
    14. A great construction system for net zero, earth sheltered, and off-grid buildings.


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